Ten More Quotes on Leadership

Here is the second of three posts with quotes from Al Mohler’s book The Conviction to Lead. The set of ten can be found here.

“Every leader knows the experience of rejection and opposition. You must prepare for it, expect it, and deal with it when it happens.”

“The leader learns to invest deeply in reading as a discipline for critical thinking.”

“There is no escaping power, and there is no way to lead without it.”

“The stewardship of power is one of the greatest moral challenges any leader will ever face.”

“Common goals are the product of intensive communication, enduring influence, and constant affirmation.”

“Our leadership is set within the context of eternity.”

“Indecisiveness is one of history’s greatest leadership killers.”

“The leader learns fast, remembers honestly, and moves on.”

“The leader is the one individual within the organization that is never, ever totally disconnected from those he leads—and the leader who complains about that is not qualified to lead.”

“Tenacity of purpose is what defines great leadership, and the greater the purpose, the greater the tenacity required.”