Outline of Psalm 119:9-16

Here is a brief outline of Psalm 119:9-16, which contains two of the more memorized verses in Psalm 119, verse 9 and 11. 
Vs. 9 a general statement about God’s Word keeping a man clean.
Vs. 10 The psalmist declares that he has taken heed to the Word by seeking God with his whole heart.
Vs. 11-16 The psalmist mentions seven things he does that show he has sought God with his whole heart.
1.      He memorizes God’s Word.
2.      He declares God’s Word.
3.      He rejoices in God’s Word..
4.      He meditates on God’s Word.
5.      He contemplates (ESV fixes eyes upon) God’s Word.
6.      He delights in God’s Word.
7.      He does not forget God’s Word.