Structure of Psalm 132

I am preaching through the Psalms of Ascent (120-134). One of the most fascinating in the list is Psalm 132. It is a tightly structured Psalm with the people making a request in the first section and the Lord answering the request in the second section. What is most fascinating is that the people return the ark to Jerusalem in verses 6-7, but this section has no parallel in the second part of the Psalm.  So what part does the return of the ark play in the Psalm? Should we insert something (in our minds) between verses 12 and 13 such as “the ark returned?” Or is the absence of the ark [in the second section] a sign that the presence of Yahweh is not inevitably linked to the ark? I am not sure what the answers are. But the questions are worth asking.

Verses 1-10 The People’s Request
            Verse 1 The Initial Prayer
            Verses 2-5 David’s Oath: Find a Dwelling Place for Yahweh
            Verses 6-7 The Ark Returned (No parallel in 2nd section.)
            Verses 8-10 Threefold prayer of the people
                        That God would dwell with them.
                        That the Lord would cloth them with salvation and joy
                        That the Lord would not turn away from his anointed.

Verses 11-18 The Lord’s Answer
            Verses 11-12 Yahweh’s Oath: An Everlasting Dwelling Place for David
            Verses 13-18 Yahweh’s threefold answer
                        He will dwell with them at Zion
                        He will cloth them with salvation and joy, as well as provide for them physically.
                        He will not turn away from his anointed.