Book Review: Fools Rush In

Fools Rush in Where Monkeys Fear to TreadFools Rush in Where Monkeys Fear to Tread by Carl R. Trueman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Christian church needs someone in the back of the class who always raises their hand and says, “Yeah, but what about…” Carl Trueman does that. All those things we take for granted and assume to be fine he challenges. Several things stuck out to me as read.

First, he is an excellent writer. His essays vary in both tone and content, but all of them are witty, sharp, and force you to think.

Second, he loves the local church. In an age where so many Christians find their identity on the web, Trueman encourages us to find our identity where sit our rears on Sunday morning.

Third, he understands the big picture and how various trends in our culture reflect underlying assumptions about reality and the world we live in.

Fourth, he has more references per chapter to pop music and classic rock than any other writer I know.

My favorite chapter was one on leadership called “Pro-choice Not Pro-Options.” I have read it several times and it was very convicting concerning my fear of man. There were numerous other essays that struck home. I left the book edified, encouraged, and rebuked, though I did not agree with all he said.

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