Fifteen Quotes from "Taking God at His Word"

I enjoyed reading Kevin DeYoung’s latest book, “Taking God at His Word.” I am preaching on God’s Word for the next two Sundays. This book was an excellent introduction to the doctrine of God’s Word.

“If you ever think to yourself, ‘I need to know what is true-what is true about me, true about people, true about the world, true about the future, true about the past, true about the good life, true about God,’ then come to God’s Word.”

“The word of God is more than enough to accomplish the work of God in the people of God.”

“The goal of revelation is not information only, but affection, worship, and obedience. Christ in us will be realized only as we drink deeply of the Bible, which is God’s Word outside of us.”

“Inerrancy means the word of God always stands over us and we never stand over the word of God. When we reject inerrancy we put ourselves in judgment over God’s Word.”

DeYoung quoting Herman Bavinck, “In Christ, God’s revelation has been completed.”

DeYoung quoting J.I. Packer, “There are no words of God spoken to us at all today except the words of Scripture.”

“God communicates to reveal, not to obscure.”

“Jesus believed not only that the Old Testament was authoritative, but that it had a fixed meaning that people should have been able to recognize…Jesus approached God’s written revelation as if it could be known and understood.”

“The Bible is never wrong in what it affirms and must never be marginalized as anything less than the last word on everything it teaches.”

“All truth may be God’s truth, but all saving truth is revealed truth.”

“Jesus consistently treats biblical history as a straightforward record of facts.”

“The only Jesus who stands above Scripture is the Jesus of our own invention.”

“Submission to the Scriptures is submission to God. Rebellion against the Scriptures is rebellion against God.”

“You and I simply will not mature as quickly, minister as effectively, or live as gloriously without immersing ourselves in the Scriptures.”

“Sticking with the Scriptures may seem like a light thing now, but we will feel the weight of it someday. There will come a time when it will be shown whether our lives were founded upon trivialities or realities.”