Why Princeton Seminary was Created

Here is a summary paragraph from the plan for Princeton Seminary when it was founded in 1812.

That, as filling the Church with a learned and able ministry, without a corresponding portion of real piety, would be a curse to the world, and an offence to God and his people; so the General Assembly think it their duty to state, that in establishing a seminary for training up ministers, it is their earnest desire to guard, as far as possible against so great an evil. And they do hereby solemnly pledge themselves to the churches under their care, that in forming, and carrying into execution the plan of the proposed seminary, it will be their endeavor to make it, under the blessing of God, a nursery of vital piety, as well as of sound theological learning: and to train up persons for the ministry, who shall be lovers, as well as defenders of the truth as it is in Jesus; friends of revivals of religion and a blessing to the Church of God.”

Quoted in An Able and Faithful Ministry.