Reformation Day Round Up

In case you did not know, 497 years ago on this date Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg. (And you thought today was Halloween). Protestants celebrate today as Reformation Day. Here are some links about Reformation Day and the men who contributed to the Reformation. I will be adding to these throughout the day.

Luther’s 95 Theses

Here is a general overview of Reformation Day and what it is all about.

Here is David Mathis on how the Reformation teaches us that God uses accidents.

Steven Wedgeworth on why we should celebrate Reformation Day. He focuses on justification by faith and our sins being forgiven.

John Calvin on why God raised up Martin Luther. By the way, this is a quote from my favorite Calvin book,  The Necessity of Reforming the Church. 

What has and has not changed between Roman Catholics and Protestants since 1517. 

A longer, scholarly essay on whether or not Luther was Catholic. 

An interview with Carl Trueman about Martin Luther.  I am really looking forward to his book on Luther, which he teased at a conference I recently attended.

If you don’t know who Peter Vermigli was and the role he played in the Reformation you should. This essay will get you up to date.

Luther wrote many hymns and loved to sing. My friend Marc Hays follows in that tradition by singing a ballad about the German Reformation. 

Another friend has written two posts on myths about the Reformation. They can be found here and here. 

Finally, here is a Martin Luther insult website. These are real insults that Luther used throughout his life and writings. Be warned, some of Luther’s insults can be obscene.