A Square Triangle: Same Sex Marriage and the Rejection of Scripture

Here is my sermon from this past Sunday on the decision by the Supreme Court. My goal was to be clear. There are numerous things I do not talk about, such as how to interact with homosexuals, etc. that I hope to blog about in the future. Here is a simple outline of the sermon:
1. Basic Scriptural teaching on marriage: One man, one woman married for life, serving God and man by taking dominion over the earth and having children. This paradigm is the only proper place for sexual expression. All other paradigms, men to men, women to women, multiple spouses, being married to animals, divorce, adultery, fornication, etc. are consistently and regularly rejected by Scripture. 
2. How did we get here? Short answer: we slowly began to reject God’s Word as the final source of truth in our lives. 
3. Where is here? Three things:
Sodomy is judgment. The church and our country are being judged by God. Sodomy is not just a sin it is a judgment. 
The homosexuals want us to approve of and participate in their immorality. They do not just want to commit the acts. They want us to say the acts are okay, righteous, just, natural, and good. They also want us to participate in the immorality by celebrating it with them in weddings and other events. 
We live in a country where the government actively supports the homosexual agenda. Therefore Christians need to continue to disentangle themselves from the government. 
4. What should we do about it? See this blog post for the answer to that.