A Plea to Flee

The obliteration of the sexes marches on, at least in one Illinois town. Palatine High School District 211, the largest in the state of Illinois, was cited by federal officials for not allowing a student who “was born male, but identifies as a female” to use the women’s locker room at the school. What is amazing is how much has already been done to “accommodate” transgender students including: changing names, changing gender records, and providing access to the bathroom of the identified gender. In other words, boys who identify as girls already use the girls’ restroom.   The school offered to let him/her use a privacy curtain in the girls’ locker room. But that was not enough. The ACLU representative said, “She had to go down long hallway to the other bathroom, she noticed she was singled out, it didn’t make her feel part of the team.” She/He wanted full access to the girls’ locker room as well. And she will get it. The US Dept. of Education is going to make this happen. You will tolerate us, accommodate us, and bow down and do what we say.

Here is the end of rejecting God’s created order. A person creates their own reality. Who cares if you have male reproductive organs. You can still be a woman. Who cares if your skin is white you can still “self-identify” as black. Reality is pliable.

But of course, this encroaches on other people’s realities. My reality says that a guy, as in someone who has a penis, should shower with the guys. But my reality apparently isn’t as good as the reality which says naked or mostly naked women should be subjected to a naked or mostly naked man because in his head he identifies as a woman. Their reality will win. You will bend the knee.

And so here we are.  Our grandparents’ common sense is now not only rejected, but considered heresy. What are those of us who still think men should use the men’s locker room supposed to do?

A Plea to Pastors
Pastors, teach creation order. Teach that men and women are different and that is a wonderful, delightful, joyful thing. Teach that women were created by God to be wives and mothers. Teach that marriage is not just about free sex, but about children. Teach men to lead, provide, protect, defend, and love their wives.  Encourage parents to raise their sons to be men and daughters to be women. Do not flatten it all out so gender is irrelevant. If you do that, you have lost. We must preach and teach the basics once again. Reject feminism and egalitarianism in all its forms. It is a parasite that will eat up your people. And if you don’t want to do this or don’t have the courage to do it then at least get out.

Pastors, be prepared for a generation that will be sexually broken, confused, and guilty. By the time they graduate high school most of them will have had numerous sexual encounters, been exposed to hard core pornography (including the women), many of them will have been sexually abused or raped, some will have had abortions, some will have sent naked pictures of themselves, and some will have had same sex encounters, thoughts, or indoctrination. Include in this all the false thinking that has been pumped into them and this generation has been gutted sexually. The sexual revolution has done its work. It is easy in a culture so twisted to get caught up in the particulars. How will I handle this or that situation? We should think those things through and read up on them where we can. But the longer I am in ministry the more I have come to trust the basics. So while the problems may be deeper than previous generations the answers are the same. Justification by faith in Christ. God’s Word as the final authority. Regular worship and fellowship with the saints. Growth in holiness. Marriage for most. Forgiveness and obedience. Sexual purity in all stages of life. God’s sovereignty over all things. The answers to the sins of our generation are the same they have always been.

A Encouragement to Flee
Parents, if your children are in public school please pull them out. Not every public school is this bad. But if you think your children can spend twelve years of their lives being taught that gender is a social construct and come out thinking biblically you are wrong.

Christian teachers, I encourage you to abandon the public school system as well. I had many good Christian teachers in my public high school. But the time has come to let the dead bury the dead. Why would you want to be a part of system that denies God and the world he has made? If kids come out learning how to read, but think girls and boys are basically the same have we really educated them? I know Christian public school teachers want to honor Christ in their vocation. And I know it would be a sacrifice to leave that vocation. But Christ has said that whatever we leave for his name in this life will be rewarded in the life to come. Why continue as a teacher when the Department of Education insists on hanging millstones around the necks of our children?

Finally, I urge any Christians in churches where the pastors are not speaking out biblically and regularly on the major cultural issues of our day, such as sodomy, abortion, feminism, fornication, etc. to leave. If you are in a church that is silent on these matters, encourages grace, but not holiness, does not discipline its members for major sins, thinks homosexuality is fine, has women elders, or has other women leaders that are teaching men then get out and get out now.