Ten Quotes: From the Pen of Pastor Paul

Here are ten of my favorite quotes from Daniel Hyde’s book, From the Pen of Pastor Paul, which is a series of published sermons on I & II Thessalonians.  

The pastor’s heart towards his people leads to the pastor’s labors for his people.

God’s Word in preaching is not communicated by skits; it is not conveyed through art; it is not taught to us through music; it is not expressed through deeds; but in words.

A preacher must have total confidence, total conviction, and total assurance of his message.

Paul says there is a real presence of God himself in the preaching of the Word.

[Paul] was so motivated by their [the church] need that despite the great risk of persecution and violence, he opened his heart and mouth to give them what they need-the gospel…He was willing to bring this message despite persecution.

When we do not speak as Paul speaks, personally, sincerely, passionately, and even gently, we fail in our duty as pastors.

What does living in light of the Lord’s return look like…What does the Christian life look like in this age between Jesus’ first and second comings? It looks like a struggle. It looks like a fight. It looks like a battle.

Deep down our theology and life is about having the assurance that we are saved. I don’t want you to know what the doctrine of election is, what the doctrine of limited atonement is, what our view of the sacraments are, what our theology of worship is…unless knowing this increases your certainty that you belong to Jesus Christ in body and soul both in life and death. (ellipsis Hyde’s)

A false prophet’s mission is to shake believers..alarm believers…and deceive believers.

I don’t know about you, but my languishing soul needs this [predestination-II Thessalonians 2:13]. I need salvation to be taken out of the whims and wishes of my mind. I need salvation to be taken away from my sin-stained hands. I need salvation to be removed from my stony heart. I need a God who chooses.

And one:

I really enjoyed this short summary of justification and sanctification. Remember this was preached, not written in a scholarly journal with three hundred foot notes. All italics are Hyde’s.

Like justification, then sanctification is a part of the complete work of our Lord Jesus Christ as our Mediator and Redeemer. He is a complete Savior and we need to proclaim this whole gospel.  But there are some differences. In justification Christ works for us in his life of obedience and death, while in sanctification in Christ works in us to make us obedient and to die to sin. Justification is outside of us, while sanctification is inside of us. In justification we are passive, while in sanctification we are active. In justification we are recipients of Christ’s work, while in sanctification we are participants with Christ’s work. In justification Christ works upon dead men, while in sanctification Christ works in and through those who have been made alive.

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