With These We Shall Be Content

Peasant Family 1What does it look like when a man is blessed by God? When someone says, “That man has been blessed by God” what picture pops in your head?  Do you see a rich man in a business suit who employs dozens of workers? Do you see a martyr who is being burned at the stake? Do you see a man with a huge national following and who is a best selling author? What does a man blessed by God look like? Or we could rephrase it, when God blesses a man what is the content of those blessings?

In our world, blessings or happiness are often associated with material wealth or power. Who do most young children want to be like? The rich, famous, and powerful. As Christians we “sanctify” this secular vision.  Who are the truly blessed Christians? Those who have done great things for God or are wealthy or sell a lot of books and speak at conferences. Therefore most of us view God’s blessing as out of our reach. How many of will ever be truly wealthy? How many of us will ever get the opportunity to die at the stake or write a book that sells a million copies? Most of us will lead normal lives and the pass out of this world a hero to a few, but unknown to most. We are of course blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3), which is not small thing. But what does a blessed life on earth look like?

Psalm 128 gives a surprising answer to this question.  Continue reading