Ten Quotes: The Leadership Dynamic by Harry Reeder

Leadership 1

Here are ten of my favorite quotes from Harry Reeder’s book, The Leadership Dynamic. 

Much of today’s leadership in the church may be well intentioned, but is doomed to failure. Why? Because it is leadership that has descended into cultural accommodation propelled by the desire for the culture’s affirmation.

Church leaders who choose worldly models of leadership will eventually suffer a loss of respect and loss of voice, and so will their churches.

A leader influences others to effectively achieve a defined mission together. [Definition]

While being gifted is important, a gifted leader who lacks godliness can lead others to destruction.

Great leadership requires understanding the mission and holding to an unyielding commitment to remain faithful to it. Neither self-promotion, nor self-preservation, nor pride, nor fear, nor weariness should deter a leader from faithfully fulfilling the mission.

Great leaders take care of their people…Not only do great leaders resolutely commit to achieving the mission, but they always strive to do the best for those who serve under them and are in their care.

Never take counsel from your fears. [Favorite maxim of Stonewall Jackson.]

Motivation produces passion. Management produces precision.

Greatness and effectiveness come from continually refining and building upon the basics with a commitment to excellence… Greatness seldom is a matter of exotic ingenuity but usually flows from the ability  of a leader to stay focused on the basics and execute them with excellence.

Worldly leadership is all about power, control, and personal promotion. It’s a cattle drive. Sometimes it is effective in reaching a goal, but inevitably it’s all about the leader, and those who pay the cost are the followers. Whether it succeeds or fails, it usually leaves behind unbelievable human wreckage.

And One:

Adversity yielded to the Lord can open vaults of wisdom if you choose to enter boldly and not retreat fearfully. Do not miss the moment by retreating into self-pity of self preservation, by blaming others, or by embracing anger or bitterness. Instead, seize the moment, as painful as it may be, and realize that the Lord has just rung the school bell.