Book Review: Covenants Made Simple by Jonty Rhodes

Covenants Made SimpleCovenants Made Simple by Jonty Rhodes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A really good layman’s introduction to the covenants. There is a lot information and nuances missing, especially for those of us who eat and drink covenant theology. But if you hand it to the average person in the pew they will come away with a better understanding of how God works. He does hold the classic covenant of works paradigm. So if you hate the covenant of works or are looking for a careful discussion of how grace fits into the covenant of works you will be disappointed. He does a good job showing that there are really three groups of people: pagans, covenant breakers, and covenant keepers. Only covenant keepers are regenerate and elect.

A couple of gaps. First, while he does address church polity, he really doesn’t address the role of the minister and worship in the new covenant. I would have liked more time spent on that.

Second, he doesn’t address church membership. He does address baptism and the Lord’s Supper, but some discussion of church membership would have been helpful.

A really helpful book though and I would easily give it out to new members, especially those just starting to grasp the covenant, such as former Baptists.

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