Day of Atonement Sequence

I am getting ready to preach Hebrews 9 so I was looking at the structure of the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16. What I found most interesting is that during the process the tabernacle was empty  (Leviticus 16:17). The tabernacle is completely empty and the high priest must go in and do all of this.

  • High priest washed, put on special garments, which were more humble than normal priestly garb.
  • High priest selects five total animals: Two goats, two rams, one bull.
  • High priest casts lots for the two goats to determine which one was sacrifices and which one is sent into the wilderness.
  • High priest kills the bull.
  • High priest brings  incense into the Most Holy Place and creates a smoke covering in the Most Holy Place.
  • High priest sprinkles the blood of the bull seven times on the mercy seat.
  • High priest kills the goat, brings its blood into the Most Holy Place, and sprinkles it on the mercy seat.
  • High priest leaves the Most Holy Place, takes the blood of the bull and the goat and sprinkles it seven times on the horns of altar in the  main part of the tabernacle.
  • High priest brings out the live goat, lays his hands on the goat, confesses the sins of the people, and sends the goat out into the wilderness by the hand of another Israelite.
  • High priest removes special garments, washes, and replaces them with normal priestly garments.
  • High priest offers two burnt offerings (the rams) one for the people and one for himself/the priesthood.
  • The man who took the goat out into the wilderness must wash before returning to camp
  • The bull and the goat of the sin offerings are taken outside the camp and burned.
  • The man who takes the bull and goat outside the camp to burn must wash before returning to camp.