Reaping Wrath for Your Baptism

William Gouge (1575-1653) on those who are baptized yet remain in their sins.

Vain is the rejoicing of many, who boast of their baptism, and think themselves by its power to be as good Christians as the best, and yet live and lie in their sin, being more smeared and defiled than they were when they were born…If that fire of the Holy Spirit does not burn up the dross of sin in you, and this water does not wash away the filth of sin, you were never fully baptized. It may be that the hand of some minister sprinkled a little water on your face, but Christ’s blood has not as yet been sprinkled on the soul. The whole benefit you reap by your baptism is to add another day for which you shall dearly answer for the abuse of so honorable an ordinance. (A Holy Vision for Family Life)