Spotting a Gossip

Slander 2

Earlier this week I posted some of Wolfgang Musculus’ thoughts on slander from his commentary on Psalm 15. I wanted to elaborate a bit gossip and slander.

A slanderer or gossip has three key characteristics. First, they want to influence the way people think about other people. They want people to think badly of Jill because she got angry with her two year old at church. They want so and so to think less of the pastor because he spent money on a conference.  Their goal is not change or communication, but rather destruction of people they do not like.  Continue reading

S&S Podcast 2016.26 Parents Exercise Authority for the Good of the Child

blue_yeti_microphone_review-1In this podcast I look at the last basic principle concerning parents and authority: Parents are not to be selfish when exercising authority, but are to do it for the sake of the child. Parents have authority. Parents are under authority. Parents exercise authority for the good of the child.