Book Review: The Nursery of the Holy Spirit by Daniel Hyde

The Nursery of the Holy Spirit: Welcoming Children in WorshipThe Nursery of the Holy Spirit: Welcoming Children in Worship by Daniel R. Hyde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great little book on including our children in public worship! Pastor Hyde does a great job laying out the Biblical and practical reasons for putting our little ones on our laps or beside us on Sunday morning. He does so with cheerfulness and without being too harsh. He does not make this a hill to die on, as some in the family integrated church movement do. But he does clearly indicate its value. Along the way he carefully articulates the place of children in the covenant. Also it has a great bibliography, which us book lovers always like.

The only problem? The book costs too much. It is only 60 pages long and retails at $15.99 with used copies going for $8.00 plus shipping. Someone needs to take this book, fix a few typos, and bring the price down to about $5-8. If they did I would buy some for every family at my church.

I highly recommend this book for all pastors, elders, worship leaders and all those interested in children and their place in the church.

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