Private Baptisms?

It is unthinkable to celebrate a baptism as a private ceremony, which borders on depriving the person baptized and his family of a portion of its benefits. Every baptism concerns the entire Church and ought to be celebrated before the Church and in the Church. The baptize person ought to be commended to God by the intercession of all. He ought to enter publicly into the covenant and into the Church and not secretly and unnoticed. The baptized person ought also to be publicly taken care of by the people of God. “Why is it that baptism takes place in the company of the faithful?…We have in it a mirror of the good which has already been communicated to us, so that we may benefit from it right to the end. For we see that unbelievers forfeit and exclude themselves from this adoption of God through their ingratitude. Thus, that we may be strengthened more and more, we ought to consider carefully when a baptism is celebrated that it makes contact with and that God calls us to Himself in order to show us in the person of another that by nature we were lost and damned. But since He has united to the body of our Lord Jesus Christ we are no longer regarded in our own nature, God does not consider who we are nor what we have merited, but He views us as if Jesus Christ was in us: as if, indeed, we ought never to be separated from Him.”  Quote from Pierre Marcel. The section in quote marks is Marcel quoting John Calvin.