Baptism is a Blessing

Many are baptized who nullify the grace of God. Baptism is the established means whereby a man declares publicly that he is a Christian. It is the mark of his Christian profession before men:  it assures him the privileges of membership in the visible Church and, if he is sincere and faithful,  it is the pledge given by God that he will participate in all the blessings of redemption. It is in this sense alone that the Reformed Churches teach the necessity of baptism-the necessity of a divine precept. Even though not a means of salvation, the advantages of circumcision were great (Romans 3:1); and it is the same with baptism, the blessings of which are still more excellent and the usefulness of which is great in every respect….Consequently, baptism is a duty. If a man desires to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and to be regarded as such, he is bound to be baptized, thus submitting himself to the commandment of Christ, as well as the invariable practice of the Apostles and to the constant and universal usage of the Christian Churches in all ages and in all parts of the world. Pierre Marcel.