S&S Podcast 2016.25-Parents are Under Authority


The first principle we looked at was that parents have authority over their children. Does this mean a parent can do whatever they want? Are they free to raise the child however they please? Today we look at the second basic principle: parents are under authority. Parents have real authority but not ultimate authority. They are accountable to God and they need to be under the authority of other people God has put over them.

S&S Podcast 2016.22~Parenting by Faith II


Parenting 2

In this podcast I look at four signs we are parenting by faith: the centrality of God’s Word, prayer, the child’s character, and of directing our child’s faith to God and not to ourselves.

2016.Episode 20 Westminster Larger Catechism on Bearing False Witness

Swearing on the Bible

In this podcast I look at two phrases that struck me from WLC Q 145 forbidding us to “undue silence in a just cause” and speaking “too meanly of ourselves.”

2016.Episode 19~Was Orlando Judgment?

Nightclub Shooting

Could the massacre at an Orlando gay club have been judgment by God? And if so, what does that mean for us? Can we now look down with pride at those who have been killed? Does that mean we now have the right to hate and judge homosexuals around us? If Orlando was judgment does that mean Sandy Hook was as well?