Take Up and Read

Mike Lawyer does some good work out at the Center for Biblical Counseling in Moscow, Idaho. In this blog post he walks a fictional married couple through some difficult issues. He has already given them good news, now he is giving them good advice. 
Here is a wonderful post from Mrs. Nancy Wilson. And yes, men you should read it too. Many of us know that verse “Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” (Proverbs 27:6). We often use this verse to justify confronting those around us. Mrs. Wilson asks, “Are we a faithful friend in the first place?” She gets us to think about the verse instead of just using it to justify whatever we want to say. 
Mark Horne gives us some insight into what the Bible teaches about gluttony. He believes it has more to do with laziness, theft, and squandering money than it has to do with being fat. 
Nate Wilson’s writes about his grandfather’s eighty-fifth birthday. In doing so, he gives us a vision of a life well lived and of children who are grateful for the life well lived. 

R.C.Sproul Jr. reminds us that we are part of the Kingdom and not part of a particular movement.

Take Up and Read

Here are some  wise words from John Calvin via Kevin DeYoung on when schism is a good thing.

Pastor Mark Driscoll gives a simple, but helpful list of principles for interpreting the Bible, although oddly enough he leaves out prayer.

As usual, Carl Trueman has some wise thoughts on the normalization of pornography. He is commenting on how some of his English periodicals responded to the push to make Internet porn an option instead of an automatic. He is right that sexual issues are the greatest pastoral problem with porn leading the way.  His point about Christians sharing every detail of their life was insightful as well.

Toby Sumpter reminds those of us who want to see reformation, especially reformation in worship, that there are dangers and they must be faced head on. We must be careful not to elevate our traditions above Scripture.

Finally, here are some fun links.

First, here is a list of one star reviews given on Amazon to famous books. The review given to Earnest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is very funny.

Second, here is a video of people doing some pretty amazing stunts. It reminded me of how amazing the human body and mind is. Their bodies do amazing things, but the mental strength do some of these things is astounding.

Take Up and Read

Too often we think for a church to grow we must do radical things. There must be great change happening quickly over a short period of time. But the Spirit does not normally work this way. Instead he works slowly, but deeply, through normal ordinary means, especially worship. This article by Terry Johnson explains the benefits and blessing of this type of view of church.

As usual, Pastor Douglas Wilson has a lot of wisdom in his list of ground level tactics for Christian resistance. Christians would do well to study these and begin implementing some of them.

What did Jephthah do with his daughter in Judges 11? Peter Leithart gives us Jonathan Edwards’ answer to that question.

Tim Challies has a  great post  on mistakes we make with email. It was helpful for me. Here is another post of his on six things we should get rid of. Again it is about the internet, phone, email, etc.

In case you missed it the PCUSA decided to leave a hymn out of their new hymnal because talks about God’s wrath. Timothy George has a good article on that decision over at First Things.

Finally, Rachel Held Evans, a feminist blogger wrote a post last week on why millennials are leaving the church. Here is one of the many replies to that article. He makes the point that Christianity has endured so much and yet she lives on. All the doom and gloom is really arrogance dressed up as concern.

Take Up and Read

Steven Wedgeworth writes about the need for a Christian alternative to Boy Scouts. The last two paragraphs are excellent and give a good description of what Christian boys need in their leaders.

Douglas Wilson addresses whether or not whistleblowing is right or not. He does a great job, as usual, of showing the various levels of thought that need to go into this type of a question. His last paragraphs show that Christians should take their oaths seriously This may mean whistleblowing.

Here are some blog posts on yesterdays Supreme Court decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act.

Al Mohler explains that soon all states will be forced to adopt same sex marriage as the law.
Here are some great words from Russell Moore on the church’s witness after this decision. He makes the good point that our marriages become a much greater part of our witness.
Marvin Olasky on what the future holds for Christians who oppose same sex marriage.

Finally, Toby Sumpter reminds us that summer is a gift and not a season for grumbling.

Take Up and Read

Father’s day was last Sunday. Mark Driscoll wrote this excellent post on how dads provoke their children. If you are a father or will be a father one day, it is worth your time.

Another post Father’s Day post. Douglas Wilson has an excellent section over at Canonwired where he addresses father hunger. All fathers and fathers to be could profitably spend some time over there.

Here is a very instructional article by Carl Trueman on both the sufficiency and insufficiency of Scripture.

Modesty can be difficult to define. Mrs. Rob Hadding, a pastor’s wife, does a good job in this post of giving some guidelines. I especially enjoyed her exhortation to pursue modesty with joy and stop acting like it is a drag.

Here is wonderful little post by R.C. Sproul Jr. on why women cannot preach at abortion mills, but can call people to repent.