Should Pastors Use Greek & Hebrew?

The oriGreek New Testamentginal languages the Bible was written in, Hebrew and Greek, have fallen on hard times in the Church. The percentage of pastors who use the Greek and Hebrew in their sermon preparation is very low. One pastor asked several other pastors who had been in ministry more than ten years if they still used Hebrew in preparing sermons. Not a single one did. Greek is probably more used than Hebrew, but no doubt there is only a small minority of ministers who use it regularly.

John Currid’s book, Calvin and the Biblical Languages, addresses this particular problem in the church by taking us back to the Reformation. He shows how the Reformation leaders were men who knew the original languages and used them in their exegesis and preaching. Going back to Greek and Hebrew was an essential part in planting the seeds of the reformation and subsequent spread of it across Europe. The book is short and worthy of your time. Continue reading