God’s Abiding Glory is That He Hears Prayer

O you who hear prayer, to you shall all flesh come. (Psalm 65:2, ESV)  This verse gives God the title of “The One Who Hears prayer.”  Here is Calvin’s comment on this verse.

“The title here given to God carries with it a truth of great importance, that the answer of our prayers is secured by the fact, that in rejecting them he would in a sense deny his own nature.  The Psalmist does not say, that God has heard prayer in this or that instance, but gives him the name hearer of prayer, as what constitutes an abiding part of his glory, so that he might as soon deny himself as shut his ear to our petitions.  Could we only impress this upon our minds, that it is something peculiar to God and inseparable from him, to hear prayer, it would inspire us with unfailing confidence. The power of helping us he can never want, so that nothing can stand in the way of a successful issue [result] of our supplications.”