Ten Quotes on Leadership

I really enjoyed Al Mohler’s book The Conviction to Lead. I have already read some portions over again and I am sure I will keep coming back to it over the years. Here are ten quotes from the book. I plan on posting ten more later. I would recommend the book for any Christian in any leadership position.

“When a leader walks into the room, a passion for truth had better enter with him.”
“I believe that leadership is all about putting the right beliefs into action, and knowing, on the basis of convictions, what those right beliefs and actions are.”
“There are plenty of very intelligent people who have virtually no ability to lead.”
“The most important truths come alive through stories, and faithful leadership is inseparable from the power and stewardship of story.”
“Leadership is the consummate human art. It requires nothing less than that leaders shape the way their followers see the world.”
“Disciplined thought requires the leader to think clearly about how things connect and how reality is to be analyzed.”
“Until conviction is transformed into action, it makes no difference in the world.”
“True credibility rests in the ability of others to trust what the leader can do.” (Emphasis his)
“Every single day, the faithful leader must be aware that credibility is the essence of leadership, and that it can be both earned and lost.”

“Leadership doesn’t happen until communication happens.”