12 Final Quotes On Leadership

Here are twelve final quotes from Al Mohler’s book The Conviction to Lead. 

“Humor is the virtue of allowing people to see your humanity and your comfort in being fully human, quirks and all.”

“Never apologize for having a message and wanting that message to receive the widest possible coverage and exposure. That is why you are leading.”

“Leaders are writers.”

“The digital world is itself a real world, just real in a different way.”

“The scarcity of time is the great leveler of humanity, affecting the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless.”

“The expectation of constant availability will defeat any leader and render leadership ineffective.”

“The leaders who make the biggest difference are those with long tenure. Great impact requires a lengthy term of leadership, and the leader who wants to make a difference had better make a public commitment to stay.”

“Time and opportunities are precious and perishable.”

“In truth, there are no indispensable people, only indispensable convictions.”

“Build your core leadership team around those who share key convictions most intensely.”

“The leader unconcerned about leaving a legacy is a leader who will leave the job undone.”

“In a healthy institution, the younger members are even more openly and deeply committed to the group’s convictions than the older members are.”