Book Review: Reformed Dogmatics Vol. 1

Reformed Dogmatics Volume 1 : ProlegomenaReformed Dogmatics Volume 1 : Prolegomena by Herman Bavinck
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An absolutely unbelievable work that I wish I had been introduced to earlier. Bavinck is a scholar of the highest order. He understands the strands of Christian thought with a particularly strong grasp on Roman Catholic theology and various philosophical systems. He has the ability to recognize the truth tucked way inside these systems while not compromising. Many of his arguments anticipate 21st century debates about the connection between knowledge and faith, head and heart. His section on Revelation (Part IV) was amazing, as was his part on the testimony of the Holy Spirit. He explained it in ways I haven’t heard before and refuted some common, but misguided ideas about what that means. But above all he knows that dogmatics should lead to praise. His work breathes the warmth of man who knew God, His Word, and the great salvation he gave to us in his son Jesus. A great book that will reward repeated readings. I cannot wait to get to Volume II.

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