Be Counter Cultural, Have a Lot of Children

Al Mohler had a interesting post yesterday about the way society views large families. I wanted to post on an experience I recently had that ties in with what Mohler said.

I work part time at West Virginia University. As with most college campuses it is filled with your rank and file liberals who believe they are being different by being like everyone else. I was in a conversation where I was being castigated for not taking my plastic bottle down the hall to the recycle bin. A young lady claimed that it was irresponsible. Then a friend of her’s added, with a negative tone, “remember he has created six consumers.” At this both of them sneered a bit. This was a reference to my children. (The sixth one is not yet here.) It was clear that these two ladies found my large family to be a waste and overall a detriment to society. I am not doing my part to save the environment. How can the earth handle more consumers!!! And the mantra goes on and on.

If these girls truly wished to swim against the flow and not just spout off standard rhetoric, they would find a good husband and have lots of children. For all the words spoken in the college setting about begin unique and finding your individuality, most students and faculty go with the flow and think just like everyone else. There is a range of ideas, but it is generally a very small range. It is rather odd to think this way, but those of us with large families are this society’s rebels. We are the ones fighting against the standard political rhetoric that children are a drain on society. We are the ones shaking our fist at the establishment. It is a strange position to be in, but I for one am glad to take up that mantle.