Take Up and Read

Tim Challies summarizes an article by Al Mohler on preaching. I found this insightful and a good reminder of some of the places I might be tempted to compromise in my preaching.

Kevin DeYoung summarized Dr. Lloyd Jones on Ephesians 6:4.  The exposition is a wonderful, practical exhortation on how not to provoke your children to wrath.

As science continues to advance we find that instead of it being a wonderful way to glorify God it becomes a way to shake our fists at his law.  This article by Jon Knight explains that genetic scientists are learning how to map a child’s DNA while they are still in the womb. His point is plain and terrible. More children will be killed as this technology continues to improve. In one of the more striking lines in the article he notes that a child with spina bifida or Down Syndrome is likely to be killed. More children are killed with these diseases than live with them.

Recently I was listening to talk on ministry. The man said, “Do you want to look good or do you want to change lives?”  What is a church supposed to be about? It is there to make disciples who then make more disciples who then make more disciples. All of this is done to the glory of the Father and Son and Spirit. Eric Geiger makes this exact point in a wonderful post about what is the ultimate criteria for a successful church.

If you do not love G.K. Chesterton you should. Here is a great collection of quotes from Chesterton. What I love most is the post by an Thabiti Anyabwile. So you have an African-American Baptist living in the Grand Caymans quoting a white Roman Catholic from England who has been dead for many years. The picture of Chesterton at the top of the page is worth a click.

Finally, I know Father’s Day is here, but if you forgot to get something or would like to work on being a better father or son, Canon Press is running a special for Father’s Day. All the items will help you imitate “Our Father who art in Heaven.”