Take Up and Read

This month is Gay Pride Month. The mayor of Pensacola, Florida officially sanctioned a “Pensacola Pride Festival Week” in honor of all the sodomites, etc. in his area. The faithful pastors at Providence Church in Pensacola, Florida wrote this letter in response.  The letter is gracious, but firm. This is a good example of prophetic speech in our modern age.

Here is amazing infograph about how much data is being uploaded or shared on the internet every minute.  Take some time to process that every minute of every day users are uploading 48 hours to Youtube. Or that 571 new websites are created every minute. It makes me wonder where exactly this is all going?

Conrad Mbewe talks about the negative effect motivational speakers have had on the church. I am always glad when someone takes a shot at Joel Osteen. Pastor Mbewe does that here. Pastor Mbewe shepherds a flock in Zambia, Africa.

Here is a list of ways to share Christ. I liked it because it was simple and applies to all people.  I especially liked 3 and 4, be attentive and get close.

Denny Burke tells a disturbing story about a forced abortion in China. Read it and weep.  Then pray for America, that the Spirit would move and turn our hearts back to him. Warning: The post contains a link to a graphic image.