Take Up and Read

Kevin DeYoung takes on a Roman Catholic Priest who believes that the Bible teaches that sodomy is fine. Pastor DeYoung shows you how to dissect his non-arguments.

Pastor Uri Brito explains that good liturgy involves the congregation. Worship is participatory. Unfortunately, many want to watch, not participate. He explains why this is bad.

Ascension day is the most ignored church holy day. Many people asked me last week if I preached a Mother’s Day sermon. I wonder how many will ask me next week if I preached an Ascension Day sermon?  Pastor Steve Wilkins has a great summary of why Ascension day is so important. And yes, I am preaching an Ascension Sunday sermon.

Nate Wilson gives an excellent summary of why the Hunger Games is mistaken to its very core. His point is that the author, Suzanne Collins, misunderstands human nature and societies.  Even if you know nothing about Hunger Games, it is a worthwhile read.

Finally, there are so many hidden and obscure lines in the Bible that deserve to be looked at more carefully. God’s Word is rich in ways man’s words never are. Carl Trueman does a great job of showing the importance of what he calls “a throw away line” in Mark 5. It is a good reminder that God put each and every word in the text. Every word matters. Pastor Trueman  uses that throw away line to bring comfort.